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In 2015, at age 30, I was an unhealthy, stressed out, paralegal. A trusted friend introduced me to a healthier, simpler & supportive way of eating: Isagenix! My overall wellness shifted, and I started sharing Isagenix with others. Helping people have their own Isagenix experience, resulted in me leaving my legal career at age 33! My passion for health & wellness has inspired me to become a certified health coach & a certified yoga instructor. As a result of Isagenix, I’ve also expanded my/others money mindset. And most recently, thanks to motherhood, I’ve expanded into spiritual wellness!

Body + Mind Wellness (Isagenix)

Financial Wellness (Isagenix)

‘Consciousness’ Wellness (Yoga)


Hi, I'm Monica! A Minnesota-native, wife, twin-mama & fur-baby-mama. I love being outside, practicing yoga, spending time with friends & family, traveling & all things wellness. Most of all, I love Jesus! I also love other mamas!

Fast forward to 2021, when my twins were born. For a variety of reasons, worry & fear for the well-being of my children became emotionally debilitating for me. When they were 18 months old, I finally laid it all down, seeking God’s guidance, wisdom & peace. With a nearly overnight transformation in my heart & in my motherhood, God called me to write a devotional book about His peace in our mama hearts! While it’s the newest piece of my wellness offerings, the truth behind Her Prayer for Peace, has made the greatest impact on my life!


My faith, and also, health, abundance, connection & growth, are important to me. Through these values, I'm grateful to serve (especially other mamas!) through 4 different wellness avenues.

Spiritual Wellness (Book)

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My Book

A weekly prayer-prompt devotional book for moms, Her Prayer for Peace: A Collection of Stories from the Lifelong Journey of Motherhood, was written in collaboration with 33 Christian mamas. The truth & goodness in this book has blessed my family & me in more ways than I’ll ever know!


Learn More & Order

Her Prayer for Peace:


For speaking engagements,

please email me to

connect & book

Colorful Food


Many things contribute to our total health & wellness...

Let's have a conversation!

As a certified health coach, I'd like to know where you've been, where you are, and where you’d like to go... and most importantly WHY! 


STEP ONE: I offer a complimentary 13-point wellness assessment, and then provide recommendations to improve your overall health & how well you feel so you can show up as your best self!


1. Protein intake

2. Energy & mental clarity

3. Sleep (quality & quantity)

4. Stress level

5. Hydration

6. Fitness

7. Gut health & digestion

8. Hair, skin & nail health

9. Immune system

10. Vitality (healthy aging)

11. Mindset & accountability

12. (Financial well-being)

13. (Spiritual well-being)

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STEP TWO: When we appropriately support our bodies, we feel our best.

  • Weight Loss/Lean Muscle Gains

  • More Energy

  • Improved Mental Clarity & Focus

  • Improved/More Sleep

  • Natural Stress Management

  • Increased Athletic Performance

  • Improved Gut Health & Digestion

  • Physical Confidence

  • Improved Immune Health

  • Increased Vitality



  • Support Dietary Allergies/Sensitivities

  • Simplicity/Save Time

  • Save/Earn Money

Learn more about Isagenix wellness products & order here:

Woman Walking in the Field


Body + Mind Wellness:

Certified health coaching with

Isagenix wellness products.

STEP THREE: As we work together to achieve a health or wealth goal, a positive, supportive & empowering mindset is crucial


Through connection, I work with my clients, instilling a mindset that supports their

health & wealth goals & desires.

Examples include:

  • eating & shameful emotions

  • self-worth

  • forming habits

  • identifying barriers to success

  • identifying readiness for change

  • accountability

  • abundance mindset

  • money mindset



Financial Flexibility

What could you & your family do with an extra $500-$5,000/month?

Optional STEP FOUR: How many people have you told about your favorite restaurant, your favorite book, or your favorite nail polish? When you love something, you naturally tell others about it! What if you were generously paid for sharing your positive experiences with others? Furthermore, what if you benefited financially by leveraging a team of people all doing the same thing?

Whether you share your Isagenix experience with 2 people or 200, we earn together, through health, contribution & growth... as a team! It's financial leverage at its finest! The side effects are greater wellness & a fuller life.

So many people & families are looking for second streams of income right now, why not get paid on your own premium groceries?

Financial Wellness:

Isagenix Financial Opportunity


Isagenix is a network & referral marketing company! With it, I support Isagenix clients in earning income! From earning free products to the potential of earning hundreds to thousands of dollars a week in up-front & residual income, this generous financial opportunity is providing financial flexibility in thousands of households around the world! 

Learn more about the financial opportunity with Isagenix here:


Monthly Flow Yoga Class for Women

Incorporating yoga into your fitness routine will increase your strength, flexibility & enhance your mindset.

Yoga is a mindful & physical practice that serves everyBODY & mind! We move, we breathe, we meditate, we rest.


‘Consciousness’ Wellness:

Monthly Flow Yoga Class for Women


Monthly flow yoga for women classes (Zoom in if you’re not in the Twin Cities!) offer breath, movement, mindfulness, self-care & community. My sequences include a well-paced physical practice, with plenty of modification suggestions, and also mindful themes like: honor, strength & growth for our inner, conscious well-being. My class is donation-based… Give what you can! Half of all proceeds are donated to support kids in foster care through CASA MN.


Pregnant Woman

Toward the end of my first trimester, I was ravenously hungry all the time.  I decided to give Isagenix a try. 


It was seriously the only thing I could find that satisfied the hunger, left me feeling energized, and didn’t bother my sensitive pregnant palate (texture or taste wise!).  It’s packed with nutrition, and it’s great for baby too! 


I plan to continue using Isagenix ESPECIALLY while breastfeeding.  Monica is a great resource and can definitely help you in whatever journey you’re currently on!

Brianna, age 26

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