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Are You in it to Win it, and Have Others Win it Too??

If you read my March 26th blog post, please scroll down to the *.

So, I was going to do a blog post on high quality, immune system-supporting nutrition that's delivered to your home… certainly a critical need in the world right now. Instead, I’m going to talk about how doing just that for your own family and sharing with others, with them doing the same, can create a long-term income-producing asset NOW and into the future.

Incomes are decreasing & disappearing overnight because of the Coronavirus, and our health has never been a higher priority. I have a nutritional & financial response: my Networking Marketing company, Isagenix! If your nose just scrunched up and your eyebrows came together, keep reading! This is part 2 of a 3-part series on Networking Marketing!

How Does Network Marketing (Isagenix) Work?

Whether you want natural nutrition to support your immune system, simple family-friendly meals & snacks, or natural stress management products, each may allow you to generate some serious moolah in Isagenix. Imagine if you could make money by eating well and helping other people eat well too? That’s what I've done every day for five years. I am a Professional Network Marketer in the health & wellness space, my partnership company is Isagenix!

Network Marketing or Referral Marketing companies don’t have a marketing department, they don’t have commercials on TV, nor are their products sold at big retailers like Target or Walmart. defines Network Marketing as, a marketing strategy in which sales representatives of a company recruit other salespeople and earn commissions on their own sales and on the sales made by their team. (About 20% of my clients fall into the category of "salespeople," or teammates, while 80% are happy, healthy product users!)

What is Isagenix? What makes it different?

Isagenix is a health & wellness Network Marketing company that started in 2002 in Arizona. The "no-compromise commitment" ensures the highest quality ingredients & products, with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, no soy, no gluten, and dairy-free options.

Isagenix has a holistic selection of solutions for health & wellness needs, including:

· Weight Loss

· Performance

· Vitality + Well-Being

· IsaKids

· Essential Oils

· Personal Care + Beauty

· and last but absofrickenlutely not least: Wealth Creation

By reallocating spending (at least $150/month) on a variety of consumable items from other sources, to Isagenix + sharing with other people, who then do so too = eligibility to earn an unlimited income! For more information on Isagenix, please visit: or and watch the main video, The Isagenix Advantage. Make sure to check out The Isagenix Difference under the Wealth Creation tab, too! Since we get paid in 10 different ways (so generous!), please connect with me for more information on the Isagenix compensation plan.

*Network Marketing isn’t for everyone, but is it for you? Take this quiz to find out.

1. When you experience excellent customer service, do you feel compelled to share or write a review?

2. Do people regularly ask for your advice?

3. Do you feel connected to a community or multiple communities?

4. Do you consider the ability to be vulnerable to be a strength?

5. Do you consider what you’re grateful for on a regular basis (i.e., a gratitude practice)?

6. Do you care about the happiness of others more than you care about what other's think?

7. Do you have a vision board, or a vision for your future?

8. Do you love & value personal development?

9. Are you a good, patient listener?

10. If at first, second, and third… you don’t succeed, do you try, try again?

11. Do you make friends easily?

12. Do you like to set (& reach!) goals?

13. Are you in it to win it?

14. Are you in it to have others win it (i.e., helping others)?

15. Do you have a calendar or schedule you follow daily, weekly, monthly?

16. Are you a positive person?

17. Do you do what you say you’re going to do a vast majority of the time?

18. Have you been described as a leader?

19. Are you active on social media?

20. Are you coachable/willing to learn?

If you responded YES to most of these questions, you might be an excellent Network Marketer!

5 years ago, when I joined my Networking Marketing company, Isagenix, I joined because:

I trusted the person who introduced me.

I had a need and an incredible product experience (5 years & counting), with no new money.

I saw integrity in the company & company leaders.

I made money my first month by helping others.

I saw what was possible for my life and other’s lives by sharing the nutrition & opportunity.

When considering joining a Network Marketing company, I’d also make sure:

A company’s at least 10 years old and has been debt-free for at least 5 years.

There are widely, daily consumable products (for men/women, young/old, etc. – like, food!).

They’re in multiple global markets.

They consistently add to the compensation plan (a sign of overall growth & integrity).

They provide free training.

You don’t need to store inventory.

(Bonus: I’m so grateful to be in partnership with a Network Marketing company where my volume never zeros out. I don’t have to start over every single month!)


Perhaps instead of a scrunched-up nose, you now have raised eyebrows! So, what if you could make money by eating well and helping other people eat well too? If you answered YES to most of the above questions and you see value in a second stream of income like what I described above (or from my March 26th blog post on common misconceptions and influencers' opinions of Network Marketing), let's connect: Tune in next week! I’ll be covering non-financial gains of Network Marketing, like personal development, a flexible schedule, and being part of an incredibly community!

Stay well & safe!


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