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A Powerful Trifecta for Optimal Health

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I'm excited to share with you a simple & powerful trifecta, in terms of edible consumption, for optimal health! Whether I'm supporting a weight wellness client, a healthy aging client, or an athletic client, most people benefit immensely from the following healthy trifecta.

We know eating "healthy foods" is good for us. There'll be more about what that actually means in future blog posts... but, here’s a couple teasers on one of my favorite topics: protein. Athletes and people trying to lose weight should be consuming an average of 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight throughout the day. I emphasize the word “throughout” because the average adult body can only absorb about 36 grams of protein at one time. The rest turns into what I call, "expensive poop." ;) Again, stay tuned for more on quality protein sources, what we call "protein pacing," and other healthy eating tips.

So, what besides what we eat impacts our optimal health? How about what we don’t eat?

Since the 40's, people have been cleansing/fasting to support the body's natural detoxification process. The most effective time-frame of a cleanse/fast takes place between the 18-24-hour mark. During this time, our bodies most efficiently get rid of dangerous toxins that we consume via eating, drinking, breathing, and through absorption. Cleansing/fasting is an important step in optimal health that many people miss. And, to make it sustainable on a weekly-monthly basis, the nutritionally supported cleanse/fast protocol I recommend allows for some specific/intentional food & beverage consumption throughout a cleanse day. (Specifics on the nutritional cleansing protocol I recommend will be a future blog post... hint, it's not a poopy cleanse... yay!)

We’ve noted that what we eat (or don't eat) and when, makes a difference in terms of our optimal health. What’s the third part of this powerful trifecta? Everyone suffers from it: stress.

Managing both physical & mental stress is so, SO important. There’s nothing stress doesn’t touch when it comes to our overall health. Stress leads to weight gain, lack of sleep, inflammation, and disease. Have you heard of “adaptogens?” I hadn't, but they've been in use for centuries. They naturally exist in plants & botanicals, helping that living organism to adapt to its environment & thrive. Adaptogens work similarly in our bodies, helping our minds & bodies manage stress naturally by balancing the body's systems. (Specifics on the adaptogenic tonic I recommend will be a future blog post.)


When we’re eating well, nutritionally cleansing on a regular basis, AND managing day-to-day stresses using adaptogens, that my friends is the powerful trifecta for optimal health from which most people benefit! If you'd like more information on implementing this trifecta into your healthy lifestyle, please connect with me:

Thanks for reading my first blog post!


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